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Hidden Truths

This series is like the Energizer bunny, it just keeps going... :)…

Hidden Truths; a Ianto Jones Fan Journal

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This series is like the Energizer bunny, it just keeps going... :)

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They also serve, who only stand and wait.

It really shouldn’t be this quiet without them.

Jack was pacing, thinking, in his office. Tosh was working on something; she’d finally stopped flinching every time they touched her, and the bruises on her wrists were fading. Owen was down in the autopsy lab, pretending to work at something.

And the silence was killing them all.

Tosh had gone to see them, bringing food, and though she hadn’t been thrown out Ianto hadn’t exactly made her welcome. Owen had been thrown out, the first time, though Gwen had talked to him the second time.

Jack had made no effort yet to see them. He and Ianto weren’t exactly on speaking terms, and he knew enough about trauma to know that bringing the whole mess back up wouldn’t help.

He’d never quite realised how much a part of Torchwood they were. Ianto was simply always there, hovering on the sidelines until he was needed and then stepping into the breach. Gwen had lightened the place, bringing laughter back to them. Without them here…

Grimacing at himself, Jack wandered out of the office, noting in passing that the coffee was all gone, again. Tosh was pretty good about refilling it, and Jack remembered about half the time, but Owen was rubbish and some of the cups on his desk were growing things at this point. Jack made a desultory effort at tidying up before giving up and wandering away again.

Tosh closed whatever search she was running when he came by, opening an old window; he pretended not to notice, and they chatted uneasily for a while before he went on. Owen ignored him totally, staring blankly through their latest corpse instead, and Jack gave up on him, too. Easier that way; Owen silent was much less annoying than Owen in a mood.

Brynblaidd! It was just one tiny little village in the middle of nowhere. How had it managed to rip his team apart?

No, that wasn’t fair. His team had been falling for weeks, and he’d known it, just chosen to turn a blind eye and hope their loyalty would get them through. He’d been wrong, obviously, and this mission had brought everything to a head; Ianto’s hatred and pain, Gwen’s doubts, everyone’s anger over Jasmine and the ‘fairies’. Not for the first time, Jack wondered if he was really cut out for this, for leading this group.

“What would the Doctor do?” he asked, addressing the question to the severed hand on his desk. As always, it responded, tapping lightly against the glass.

“The Doctor,” he answered himself, “wouldn’t have let things go this fair in the first place. But if they had…”

He sighed, thinking of bananas and dancing in the TARDIS.

“Talking to yourself?” Owen was hanging in the doorway, hands fidgeting.

“Just thinking out loud. What’s up?”

“Nothing. Just…never mind.”

He was gone before Jack could think of anything, because really, what was there to say? At least all three people here were still talking to each other…more or less.

He sent them home, eventually, because they were only marking time, and went out to wander the streets. He found himself outside Ianto’s flat more than once, but he managed not to go in.

Finally, for lack of anything better to do, he went to Gwen’s to talk to Rhys. Gwen’s boyfriend had been good about not asking much, and Jack was repaying the favour by telling him as much as he could.

Today Rhys didn’t greet him, just stepped away and let him in; the flat was suffering from Gwen’s absence, rubbish and mess starting to build up.

“She’s not coming home tonight, is she.” It wasn’t a question, exactly.

“I’m sorry, Rhys.” Jack frowned, trying to remember exactly what he’d told the other man, when he’d thought Gwen would be home the next day. “Our teammate, the one who was injured…”

“Ianto,” Rhys agreed. Off Jack’s look, he added, “You and Owen have called. There’s only Ianto.”

“Good work,” Jack said, impressed.

“Gwen’s a PC…or she was, before you got to her. I had to learn something.”

“Ianto,” Jack agreed. “He’s…he’s in trouble, right now. He can’t cope with anyone but Gwen.”

“Right. She always did pick up strays.” Rhys smiled, though it wasn’t an especially friendly look.

“I’m sorry,” Jack repeated.

“Tell me…Jack…how did Ianto get injured?”

“Field mission.”

“Gwen said Ianto doesn’t go on field missions.”

Jack blinked, meeting Rhys’ glare. “He went on this one. Ianto’s usually home support; this time we needed him.”

Actually, Jack hadn’t wanted to leave Ianto alone in the Hub; they’d managed, so far, not to leave him there for more than an hour or so. Jack definitely didn’t want Ianto to have time to wander down towards the basement…

“Right. Poor bastard, getting hurt on his first mission. He ok?”

“Not sure yet. That’s why Gwen’s with him.” He turned back towards the door.


He hesitated, turning back to look at Rhys. “Yeah?

“Should I…are we in trouble, Jack, Gwen and me?”

“No,” Jack answered instantly. “Gwen loves you. And Ianto’s in mourning. You have nothing to worry about.”

“I wasn’t worried about Ianto.”

Jack smiled, faintly. “No. You’re not in trouble, Rhys.”

Rhys studied him for a moment before nodding. “See yourself out, then.”

“Right. We’ll let you know, anything happens.”

“Thanks, Jack.”

Jack wandered for a while longer after that, unable to settle, unable to concentrate on anything. For lack of anything better, and to keep himself away from Ianto’s, he ended up back at the Hub.

Tosh and Owen were already there, sharing Chinese and talking quietly; Owen trailed off when he noticed Jack, standing on the catwalk above them.

“Enough of that to share?” he asked, tired of the silence, tired of the tension and the attempt to pretend everything was fine.

Owen glanced at the carton in his hand as though he’d forgotten about it. “Yeah,” he said finally. “Come on down.”

Jack joined them, taking chopsticks from Tosh and the carton from Owen, and for a little while things were almost normal; almost like the days before Gwen, when Suzie was busy and Ianto invisible. For a while, he could pretend.

Catching Owen’s eye as they finished up, he said quietly, “I’ll go tomorrow.”

“Sure that’s a good idea?” Tosh asked, looking up.

“No,” Jack said honestly. “But I’m going anyway.”

Sometimes pretending wasn’t enough.

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